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SMARTLATION - "The smart way to find a translator"

Discussion in 'Clients' Corner' started by Claudia, May 14, 2018.

  1. Claudia

    Claudia Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Nov 12, 2016
    El Salvador
    With the purpose of always improving our services for your greatest satisfaction, we are pleased to inform you about our most recent innovations.

    - We have launched a new website with an optimized speed, maximizing the website’s performance and usability for the customer.
    - We have also enhanced the file recognition feature and made it possible to support many more types of files.
    - As an additional option, proofreading service has been included in order to strengthen our quality parameters.
    - We have created an exclusive website for translation agencies: ( through which we intend to offer assistance/support with difficult translation projects when agencies might have trouble locating translators. Please note, we are not trying to replace your translators, just providing your company some support in a friendly manner.

    We have highly qualified native translators with several years of experience. Our algorithm locates the best translator out of more than 10,000 for what you can choose the pricing and deadlines out of multiple filtered translators when uploading your files.

    Once a translator is hired, the Smartlation platform monitors and tracks the project to verify the translation quality and to make sure it is delivered on time. We have special discounts for high volume orders.

    If you have questions/comments please contact us:

    SMARTLATION always committed to quality!


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