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Rules and Regulations

Discussion in 'Clients' Corner' started by Qudrat, Nov 11, 2016.

  1. Qudrat

    Qudrat Moderator Staff Member

    Nov 11, 2016
    Following are the Rules and Regulations of Translators forum. By signing up to our platform you agreed to abide by our Terms and Rules. Please read through them carefully, so you do not violate any rule. In case of violation you will be banned, either temporarily or permanently, depending on the scale of action. We appreciate co-operation and a friendly environment.

    Actions that will result in permanent ban:

    The Following actions will result in you being permanently banned from the forums. Carefully read them through and understand their cruciality.

    1) Sharing Hacks and Cheats: Any sharing of hacks and cheats of a 3rd party of anyone else is strictly prohibited as it can harm many related parties and is unethical.

    2) Sharing any stuff that is unethical, e.g adultery which violates the general rules of the society.

    3) Copying and posting contents which is “Copy rights reserved” and claiming it to be yours.

    4) Getting temporarily banned more then 3 times. We will consider that you are unwilling to follow our rules and we will ban you permanently.

    5) Sharing authentic information of any organization or upper party e.g Government level.

    6) Using the forums for purchase and sales of products and services.

    Actions that will result in a temporary ban:

    The Following actions will result in you being banned temporarily from the Forums. The Duration of ban will depend on the scale of your violation. Being banned temporarily is not something you should take slightly, because if you get banned 3 times, you will have no more chances and we have the right to ban you permanently. We respect those who abide by our rules.

    1) Harassing fellow community members in anyway using Posts, comments, threads or any other resource.

    2) Passing Racist, Sexist, Abusive comment for community members

    3) Sharing personal information of fellow members; including contact, financial data, personal content. This action is considered a serious crime and the duration of ban can be long.

    4) Spamming any thread by posting many empty comments or one large redundant comment.

    5) Making efforts to change the topic or track of conversation of any given thread too many times.

    6) Advertising or Pursuing any 3rd party’s or your own product/service either positively or negatively. We are not an advertisement website, please do not do it.

    7) Convincing your religious, political ideas on others. To each our own, please do not enforce your personal beliefs on others.

    8) Sharing other’s personal messages or conversations

    Advice from Moderators:

    Surely, we are all humans and sometimes might wish to go beyond limits and break rules. We want you to understand that the purpose of Translators Forum is to create a strong community of translators to share experience, thoughts etc. We appreciate those who follow the rules and enjoy the environment. We also appreciate those who report trouble makers. Thank you for following our rules, we wish you good luck!

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