Intensive Summer Course in Translation Technology

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    2 places are available for the Intensive Summer Course in Translation Technology due to late cancellations. If you are interested, make sure you apply by this Thursday 12.00 am.

    Intensive Course in Translation Technology
    30 July - 29 August 2018
    All Languages
    The world today is a competitive arena where efficiency is key. This is especially true for people working in the translation profession. To survive in their career, professional translators need to rely on various translation software which aids and supports them. The most widely used translation technologies include translation memory programs and terminology management software.

    To be an efficient and competitive translator, you need to make the most of the available translation software as well as your own translation capabilities. The UCL Intensive Summer Course in Translation Technology is designed for professional translators and students of translation who wish to learn more about translation technology which can help them in their careers. It is an intensive, practical course which will be of benefit to professional translators and translation students and teachers alike.

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