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  1. Emad Azer
    Emad Azer
    Success Starts by Eliminating The Distractions
  2. Ahmed Ossama Elmelegy
    Ahmed Ossama Elmelegy
    Available freelancer translator
  3. Sérin
    Sérin Sunita Gordhan Gangwani
    Thank you for joining. And good lucm Sunita !
  4. Sunita Gordhan Gangwani
    Sunita Gordhan Gangwani
    Dear Sirs, My name is Sunita. I have a large and extensive experience in the translating, proofreading field in Eng-Spa language pair.
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  5. Helal
    Multilingual translation
  6. Sérin
    Happy international women' s day
  7. Jayachandran selvaraj
    Jayachandran selvaraj
    Can some one teach me the russian.
  8. Oluwatosin Adebomeyin
    Oluwatosin Adebomeyin
    ...and Afrikaans, Somali, Swahili, Zulu, Xhosa, Portuguese, Chinese, etc
  9. Oluwatosin Adebomeyin
    Oluwatosin Adebomeyin
    I will be willing and glad to work with you on the following languages; Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Fulani, Kanuri, Pidgin, Isoko, Ibibio, etc
  10. Irene Anton
    Irene Anton
    Hi, I'm offering translations from Spanish, English, Dutch and Catalan to German. Marketing (transcreation and copywriting) is my expertise.
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  11. Abhivyakti
    Looking out for translation work
  12. Sara Farouk
    Sara Farouk
    Available for new challenges :)
  13. Vikash Rishi
  14. lateef
    lateef Claudia
    I hope you are real Claudia and not a machine answering me!
    1. Sérin
      Of course she is real, every admin here is real.
      Sep 26, 2017
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  15. lateef
    lateef Claudia
    Fine, thank you and you?
  16. lateef
    lateef Claudia
    How do you do?
  17. Parid
    Get your translation done!
  18. Nick BERCHISAN
    "Culture is in language and language is filled with culture." M. AGAR
  19. muhammad rashid
    muhammad rashid
    Turkish Translator interpreter tercüman lahor Sialkot punjab karaçi Pakistan
  20. Sapir golan
    Sapir golan
    I can translate from english to hebrew and vice versa. If you need help please contact me via email